HistoWiz is constantly innovating to improve on routine histology. Our laboratory is a one-stop shop for all your histology needs, with our team using the most automated equipment available to provide you high-quality results in an industry-leading turnaround time. HistoWiz offers services to gross, process, embed, and section paraffin and frozen tissue. We provide routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, as well as a variety of special stains such as:



Picrosirius Red

Alcian Blue

Toluidine Blue

Silver stain(GMS)

Fiber stain(Reticulin)

Caclium stain(Von Kossa)

Iron stain(Prussian Blue)

Artery stain(CME)

Connective tissuestain (PTAH)

Elastin stain(EVG)

Collagen stain(Herovici)

Bacteria stain(Gram)

Congo Red

TB stain(AFB)


If the stain you’re interested in is not already validated, we have a team of expert technicians and pathologists to help you optimize special staining for your specific tissue. All generated slides are scanned, and our proprietary quality control process assures consistent results through a digital review of all slides for common defects such as folds and wrinkles. All of these processes are connected by our innovative laboratory information system, which tracks our real-time workflow and gives you constant updates on the status of your project. From mouse to zebrafish, NHP, patient-derived xenografts, and organoids, we have processed over 200,000 samples from all kinds of experimental models.

Steps of routine histology:


Orienting, trimming, inspecting, and documenting the condition in which the specimens are received.


Dehydration, clearing, and paraffin infiltration. We use state-of-the-art Leica Peloris tissue processor to automatically and consistently process all specimens.


Processed tissue is enclosed in a solidifying embedding medium using a mold. HistoWiz can embed in OCT or paraffin wax.


Our team of experienced technicians performs microtomy and cryotomy to produce sections onto glass slides. You can specify your preferred sectioning thickness to our team.


Unstained slides are automatically loaded into our Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma Autostainer to deliver consistent H&E and special staining.

Please see our FAQ and our step by step sample submission instructions.