About Us

Accelerating scientific research and discoveries through the automation of histology and digital pathology solutions.

Enhancing the human condition is what fuels our passion. Our services empower life science companies and researchers to introduce impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market with greater speed and precision than ever before. Our leading capabilities across histology, immunostaining, slide archiving/digitization services, pathology consultation, and image analysis consultation enable our customers to concentrate on the key questions to accelerate the processes of discovery, development, and delivery.

We are much more than your average histology service provider. Our laboratory information system, PathologyMap™, hosts one of the largest collections of preclinical data in the world and allows researchers the ability to instantly view, manage, and share their digital slides in seconds.

HistoWiz emerged in 2013 as a valuable resource for scientific researchers seeking faster turnaround times than traditional histology cores could offer. This dedication to providing rapid results remains a cornerstone of our service, prompting customers to return to us time and time again.