About Histowiz

Our mission is to fight cancer cooperatively instead of individually by connecting scientists, clinicians and patients for online collaboration. Previously, there was no large annotated Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) repository for histopathology data, making collaboration difficult and bioinformatics-driven discovery impossible. HistoWiz initiated the effort to break down data silos by digitizing histology slides from different academic institutes and pharmas in 2013.

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Latest News

HistoWiz Poised to Accelerate GLP Studies

HistoWiz has built the world’s first telepathology network, an “Uber for pathology” service available to new and existing clients who require pathologist evaluations for their digitized whole slide images. More...

HistoWiz Launches PathologyMap

PathologyMap contains a growing collection of annotated, preclinical histopathology data that we’ve crowdsourced from the biomedical research community. This covers everything like human models, to experimental ones like zebrafish, patient-derived xenografts, and organoids. More...

HistoWiz Presents IHC Optimizations

By using machine learning (ML) algorithms and allowing histology service users to contribute, annotate and compare cancer tissue data across different laboratories and hospitals around the world, More...