HistoWiz Content Library

  • HistoWiz HCR Webinar
    Webinar | 2024-05-14Multiomic Staining: Unveiling Tissue Biology with the HCR™ PlatformView
  • HistoWiz_Developing_Automated_QC_Tools_Webinar
    Webinar | 2024-01-23Developing Automated QC Tools to Enrich Histopathology Data and Assemble Targeted Datasets That Enable Ground-breaking Pathology DiscoveriesView
  • HistoWiz_mIF_Panels_Multi-Spectral_Imaging_and_AI_Driven_Analysis
    Poster | 2024-01-23mIF Panels, Multi-Spectral Imaging, and AI Driven AnalysisDownload
  • HistoWiz AI-Enhanced IF Reveals Neural Marker Variations in Disease Models
    Poster | 2024-01-12AI-Enhanced Multiplex Immunofluorescence Reveals Neural Marker Variations in Disease ModelsDownload
  • HistoWiz_Digital_Brochure
    Brochure | 2023-05-19Company Overview (Dig)Download
  • HistoWiz_Exploring_the_Relationship_of_SSTR2_Immunohistochemical_and_Textural_Features_to_Neuroendocrine_Tumor_Grade
    Poster | 2023-03-26Exploring the Relationship of SSTR2 Immunohistochemical and Textural Features to Neuroendocrine Tumor Grade (AACR)Download
  • HistoWiz_Multiplex_Immunofluorescence_for_Cancer_Research
    Poster | 2023-03-24Multiplex Immunofluorescence for Cancer Research (AACR)Download
  • HistoWiz_Explainer_Video
    Video | 2016-10-28HistoWiz Overview VideoView