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Our laboratory is a one-stop shop for all your histology needs. Powered by state-of-the-art automated equipment, our expert team guarantees high-quality results delivered in an industry-leading turnaround time. HistoWiz offers services to gross, process, embed, and section paraffin and frozen tissue. We provide routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, as well as a variety of special stains.

GLP and non-GLP services available. Request an audit.

Researchers across top biopharma, academia, and research facilities use our full-spectrum histology services for fast processing and delivery via PathologyMap™ for online viewing, searching, tagging, collaboration, analysis, and storage of pathology data.

What is Histology / Histopathology?

Histology is the study of microscopic structures, tissues, and cells. It involves the examination of thin tissue sections under a microscope to understand their organization, composition, and function. Histologists analyze cell types, extracellular matrix, and cellular interactions, providing vital insights into the anatomy and physiology of organs. Histopathology utilizes histology methods to identify disease and to identify pathogens. Partner with HistoWiz today, and expedite your histology research.

Routine Histology Workflow


HistoWiz Specialty Stains



Picrosirius Red

Alcian Blue

Toluidine Blue

Silver stain(GMS)

Fiber stain(Reticulin)

Caclium stain(Von Kossa)

Iron stain(Prussian Blue)

Artery stain(CME)

Connective tissuestain (PTAH)

Elastin stain(EVG)

Collagen stain(Herovici)

Bacteria stain(Gram)

Congo Red

TB stain(AFB)