A Glimpse into SOT 2024: Highlights from the Annual Meeting

By HistoWiz Staff
April 8th, 2024

The Society of Toxicology's Annual Meeting (SOT) is an eagerly anticipated event in the field of toxicology, bringing together scientists, researchers, regulators, and industry professionals from around the globe. As the doors closed on SOT 2024, held in Salt Lake City,, it left attendees buzzing with new insights, connections, and inspiration. Let's delve into some standout moments and themes from this year's conference.

Cutting-Edge Research

One of the hallmarks of SOT is its showcase of cutting-edge research across various disciplines within toxicology. This year was no exception, with sessions covering everything from molecular toxicology to environmental health and regulatory science. Presenters shared groundbreaking findings on topics like emerging contaminants, novel biomarkers for toxicity assessment, and advances in risk assessment methodologies. A notable highlight was the symposium on CRISPR-based technologies in toxicology. Researchers discussed how gene editing tools like CRISPR are revolutionizing our ability to study the effects of chemicals on specific genes and pathways, opening new avenues for targeted toxicity testing and drug development.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion were central themes woven throughout SOT 2024. The conference featured panels and workshops focused on promoting diversity in STEM fields and fostering inclusivity in toxicology research. Attendees engaged in discussions on the importance of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and addressing complex toxicological challenges.

A particularly impactful session was the Women in Toxicology luncheon, where leading female scientists shared their career journeys and insights into overcoming obstacles in a traditionally male-dominated field. This event underscored SOT's commitment to advancing diversity and empowering underrepresented voices within the scientific community.

Emerging Contaminants and Public Health

With growing concerns over emerging contaminants and their impacts on public health, SOT 2024 dedicated significant attention to this pressing issue. Sessions explored the latest research on contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), microplastics, and pharmaceuticals in the environment. A panel discussion on risk communication in the era of emerging contaminants struck a chord with attendees, emphasizing the need for effective strategies to translate scientific findings into actionable public health measures. The dialogue highlighted the critical role of toxicologists in informing evidence-based policies to mitigate risks associated with emerging contaminants.

Networking and Collaboration

Beyond the scientific sessions, SOT 2024 provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Attendees connected with colleagues and potential collaborators during poster sessions, social events, and exhibit hall interactions. The conference fostered a sense of community among toxicologists from academia, government agencies, and industry, facilitating knowledge exchange and partnership development. The Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Mixer was a standout event, offering emerging scientists a platform to interact with seasoned professionals and explore career pathways in toxicology. This networking session catalyzed new mentorship opportunities and inspired the next generation of toxicologists to make meaningful contributions to the field.

Looking Ahead

As SOT 2024 drew to a close, attendees departed with a wealth of knowledge, new connections, and a renewed sense of purpose in advancing the science of toxicology. The conference's success in fostering scientific exchange and promoting inclusivity bodes well for the future of the field.

Looking ahead to SOT 2025, anticipation is already building for another exceptional gathering of toxicologists committed to advancing public health and environmental stewardship through cutting-edge research and collaboration. Until then, the spirit of SOT 2024 lives on, driving innovation and progress in the dynamic field of toxicology.