PathologyMap 2.0 - Instant Slide Search

By Jeff Shek
July 1st, 2024

In digital pathology, researchers have long endured slow, buggy search experiences, often waiting a minute or more for results. At HistoWiz, we've focused our efforts on giving our clients an amazing slide viewer search experience. We've created the first system that allows seamless, real-time searching and opening of whole slide images (WSIs) across hundreds of thousands of slides. We've replaced frustration with lightning-fast, ultra-low latency searches that keep pace with your scientific inquiry.

Search 2.0 means your slides are now easily accessible in one simple interface. Filter, search, and refine results to find new patterns in your data.

To Get to Search 2.0, it's accessible on the app menu after log-in

Menu Bar Search 2.0

HistoWiz's Search 2.0 features:

  • Instant digital retrieval access for any histology slides.

  • The ability to set Groups while using the Search to easily group together a list of slides for comparison / review.

  • Real-time indexing; any slides that are performed by our laboratory are visible within an hour or less.

  • Changes to metadata also propagate real-time! Making updates to a sample (ie. updating a name or an organ) will get reflected in the metadata shortly after. Slide Metadata

  • Pre-defined or choose your own slide categories. Many teams have different meta-data requirements, our system allows for that flexibility, and allows searches on top of it.

    • Match categories across antibodies, organ, species, etc.
    • The metadata will be extensible and editable to allow you to add any custom fields you want.
  • Infinite scrolling for large results (no more long wait times between hitting next page!) InfiniteScrolling

  • Search 2.0 allows you to quickly navigate to the exact order / sample and find the details you were looking for.