Revamping our Online IF Viewer: Standardization on Common Channels and new Customization Features

By Jeff Haas
September 27th, 2023
Zooming In and Out

Our online IF viewer just got a major upgrade, and it's here to sprinkle a little more fun into your scientific journey.


🎨 A Kaleidoscope of Channel Colors

When you feast your eyes on an IF slide, you'll notice the channel colors are now popping with industry-standard hues. DAPI channels are bathing in a serene blue, while others, like Opal 480, are flaunting their cyan swagger.

Channel colors_scale bar.png


✏️ Rename Channels: Your Lab, Your Rules

Ever looked at a channel and thought, "Hmm, I'd name you differently"? Well, now you can! Customize your channels to your heart's content. Rename them to reflect your project, your mood, or even your favorite sci-fi characters. The power is in your hands!



🔄 The Traveling Options Menu

The options menu on the right? It's got wanderlust! Now you can minimize it and drag it around. Place it wherever you like on your screen, making room for what matters most - your beautiful data. It's like having a tidy desk; everything feels just right.



🗺️ Navigate Your Slides Like a Pro

Navigate the image using the slide overview in the lower left.

  • Overview will show the entire slide
  • Zoomed-in area is indicated on the overview with a red outline, which changes size as you zoom in/out
  • You can click on the overview to move the area of focus - the screen will jump to the new spot and the zoom outline moves there



🔍 Zooming: Your Microscopic Telescope

  • Easily navigate to 40x to your slides instantly.
  • Different navigations (1x, 2x, 4x, etc) to quickly find the perfect size everytime.
  • A magnifying glass to give you more precise control
  • And a much requested feature ... now the ability to full-screen view!
  • Reset View