2023 - A Year In Review

By the Engineering Team
February 1st, 2024

We've gotten a lot of client requests to highlight new features that might have been missed, so as we enter 2024, we're going to review some of our favorite new features from the last year.

2024's primary focus will still be on on building the easiest-to-use imaging platform.

However, there are ALSO some exciting upcoming features/services:

  • Ability to dynamically run AI Models on slides from vetted vendors
  • Sample Block Storage - you can now store your blocks at HistoWiz, which will be cataloged and shown within PathologyMap. You can then make direct orders from a block to simplify the ordering process.
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) for Routine Histology work

If interested in the above, please contact your HistoWiz Sales Rep (and tell em Engineering sent you!)

We'll now demonstrate some of our recent features.

Slide Search 2.0

InfiniteScrolling One of our favorite tools amongst our customers. Search 2.0 was designed from bottom-up to allow any researcher to search across thousands of slides (even millions) nearly instantly. Search 2.0 also can search across metadata attributes, allowing anyone to find the exact slide they're looking for in a a fraction of the time. It also has infinite scroll, so if you're looking through hundreds of slides, this is the exact feature you're looking for.

Order Tracking

OrderTracking We understand how important your samples are. Now, we've added the ability to track an order while it's in the HistoWiz laboratory for you to see how an order is progressing.

Sharing / Embedding



We've had a lot of requests for improved sharing features, so we've added improved sharing tools. Owners of the slide are now able to share it on the social media platform of their choice. In addition, they can use a direct embed for different sites.

Improvements to our online IF Viewer


We've completed rehauled our IF Viewer. It now supports saving presets / loading defaults / additional colors. In addition, we've added many of the beloved features like Screenshot/Snapshot ability to the IF Viewer. (There are many more improvements coming in 2024!)

Slide Grouping


We frequently refer to this as the "Spotify Playlist" - but Slide Groups was created to allow any user to organize a group of slides however they want. Slide Groups can then be reviewed, shared, etc. Slide Groups allow a seamless way to organize slides - this can then be used to share, examine in-depth.

Action Panels


At the end of 2022, the PathologyMap pages were filled with too many buttons and icons. We began a redesign in place that give us more space to provide actions to the user, but now categorized and organized.

Thank you!

If you have any questions about the above features, please feel free to contact our customer service team