Immunofluorescence (IF)

Fast, accurate protein expression for phenotype visualization at the cellular level.

Utilizing the most advanced equipment on the market today, HistoWiz’s expertise in immunofluorescence biomarkers and staining is second to none. Whether you are looking for biomarker optimization or using from our many validated antibodies, our automated workflow enhances reproducibility and speed getting you to your answers fast.

HistoWiz is a proud member of the Akoya Qualified CRO Service Provider Network.

Multiplexing (mIF)

We can combine multiple markers into multiplexed IF (mIF). By using advanced tyramide amplification, we can achieve this with any combination of markers regardless of host species. With our advanced Polaris Scanner, we can provide IF images of whole slides with up to 9 channels (8 markers + DAPI) overlaid on top of each other, with automated autofluorescence subtraction and image optimization.

Discover more and download our poster, “Multiplex Immunofluorescence for Cancer Research” from AACR 2023.

Combining IF with Downstream Image Analysis

Our services don’t end with beautiful images. By combining HistoWiz’s immunofluorescence service with our expert-led Image Analysis Consultation service, you now have access to a team of IA experts who can provide objective assessment and measurable results.

Our IA experts have 20+ years of experience and work with all of the most advanced tools including HALO and Visiopharm along with proprietary AI tools.