Quantitative solutions to leverage your data and inform your research questions.

Quantitative Image Analysis provides an objective assessment of staining intensity and tissue size or shape differences within your cohort of samples. Our team of image analysis experts, work closely with you to understand the nature of your study and provide objective assessments and measurable results utilizing HALO, Visopharm, QuPath, and proprietary AI tools.

In addition to developing novel algorithms, our most established analyses include:

  • Number of percentage of positive cells
  • Differences within specific cellular sub-compartments (i.e. nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio)
  • Biologically relevant sub regions within tissue (i.e. tumor from necrosis)
  • Differences in biomarker intensity and staining

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Region of Interest Classification

Machine Learning/AI Classifier Training

  • Separate tumor from necrosis
  • Identify glomeruli and tubules in kidney
  • Pancreatic tumor/stroma/islet segmentation
  • TMA-based segmentation
  • Skin epidermis/layers of dermis segmentation
  • Brain atlas-based segmentation

Cellular- or Area-based IHC/IF Quantification

% Positive Biomarkers on Cell/Sub-compartment Basis

  • Co-registration of serial brightfield IHC sections using intensity-based image alignment
  • Tumor invading lymphocyte (IHC & mxIF), plus distance analysis
  • Fatty acid accumulation/NASH studies in liver
  • Muscle fiber/adipocyte size distribution analysis
  • Spleen highly multiplexed cellular phenotyping
  • Concentric partitioning/distance-based vessel and tumor edge analysis