HistoWiz differentiates from traditional slide scanning outsourcing companies in its automation and scalable IT infrastructure. We are the only company with a fully automated workflow for digitization, QC, upload, cloud storage, and a proprietary tool for semi-automated slide QC.

We were one of the first to digitize pathology slides as a service in 2013. Every single tissue that comes into our lab gets digitized and uploaded into a secure online database. We've made PathologyMapTM the industry-leading online platform for anyone doing histopathology. This free platform not only enables unprecedented viewing but also search, slide management, collaboration, tagging, diagnosis, and image analysis.

As Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) adoption continues, there is a pressing need to build a scalable, cost-effective IT infrastructure to manage the multi-terabyte databases (1-2GB/slide) for data sharing and archiving. Instead of buying the expensive scanners, hiring technicians to scan slides, and building an IT infrastructure on the cloud, you can outsource slides scanning to HistoWiz at a fraction of the cost, on-demand. Our on-demand computing model is more cost effective than storing glass slides or hard drives locally. Pathologists can organize their digital files securely on our online platform and instantly collaborate with colleagues for tumor boards or clinical trials. They can review old cases through a fast and easy online search and perform diagnoses directly through our platform within and outside of the institution.